Spot Prawn Season Returns at Fairmont Pacific Rim

Spot Prawn Season Returns at Fairmont Pacific Rim


May 8, 2018

With the highly anticipated spot prawn season upon us, we’re excited to finally dig into the BC delicacy. If you haven’t savoured a spot prawn before, they are best known for their sweet delicate flavour, large size and unique red and white markings. Wild spot prawns are a sustainable food source, thanks to BC regulations. They are carefully and sustainably caught to ensure the availability of them for years to come.

With the season starting around the second week of May, you’ll be able to get your hands on these crustaceans at both Botanist and The Lobby Lounge and RawBar.  Don’t hesitate to come in to try one of our seasonal dishes, as they will only be available for a limited time! Check out what’s on the menu below.

The Lobby Lounge’s Spot Prawn Miso Bisque

The Lobby Lounge and RawBar

Local Miso, Spot Prawn Dashi, Scallion, Garlic Oil, Sansho Pepper – Spot Prawn Miso Bisque

Avocado, Spicy Aioli, Kaiware, Cucumber, Mango, Soy Paper – Grilled Spot Prawn Roll

Mango, Avocado, Masago, Northern Divine Caviar, Seaweed Salad, Ogo Seaweed, Ikura, Poke Sauce, Spicy Sauce – Porched Spot Prawn Poke Trio


Hearts of Palm, Compressed Celery, Sea Asparagus, Mojo de Ajo – Spot Prawn 
*available exclusively on the tasting menu