Into the Æther: Botanist Bar’s new Experiential Cocktail

Into the Æther: Botanist Bar’s new Experiential Cocktail


February 4, 2019

Something exciting has launched in Botanist’s Cocktail Lab! Introducing the team’s brand new experiential cocktail, Into the Æther. Inspired by the fifth element of spirit, this innovative new cocktail was designed by Botanist Bar team members Grant Sceney, Jeff Savage & Max Curzon-Price. The drink is clear, with an emphasis on bold and surprising flavors, while the glassware spins in place floating on a cloud of smoke.

Botanist Bar team’s vision for the drink is to showcase how teamwork and team spirit is the underlying driving force behind the cocktails and experiences they leave their guests with. Into the Æther is the direct result of teamwork – from the team members that gather ingredients, to those responsible for the mise en place during the day, to those that create the drink, to those who eventually pour it – it embodies the spirit of a team. The cocktail is built on the team’s collective vision, and brings together ingredients foraged from their natural surroundings in Vancouver, which showcase the natural bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

Watch the cocktail come to life below or click here.