Botanist Bar is Making Spirits Bright

Botanist Bar is Making Spirits Bright


December 21, 2018

The bar program at Botanist is one-of-a-kind, producing some of the most intricate and complex cocktails made in the city. For the holiday season, Creative Beverage Director, Grant Sceney, shares with us his recipe on a winter classic – with a vegan twist. Whatever Floats Your Oat is a modern take on the festive eggnog, prepared with oat milk and coconut cream to make this delicious drink non-dairy.

Whatever Floats Your Oat

Whatever Floats Your Oat
By Grant Sceney, Creative Beverage Director
Spiced Rum / Cognac / Oat Milk / Coconut Cream / Chai Spiced Maple

30ml Spiced Rum
25ml Cognac
45ml Oat Milk*
20ml Coconut Cream
20ml Chai Spiced Maple*

Method: Build all ingredients into cocktail shakers with ice and shake hard
Double strain using a strainer and a fine tea strainer
Serve into a chilled glass

Glass: Martini Glass
Garnish: Grate fresh nutmeg on top

*Oat Milk
1cup Oats
4cups Water
2 Dates (pitted)
2tbsp Maple Syrup
1 pinch Salt

Add all ingredients into a blender and blend for one minute
Strain through mesh strainer first and then strain again through cheese cloth
Store and seal in a clean container and keep refrigerated. Will last up to 5 days

*Chai Spiced Maple
150ml Hot Water
2 Chai Tea Bags
300ml Maple Syrup

Steep tea bags in hot water for 3 minutes
Removed tea bags and add to maple in a larger container
Stir until completely mixed
Store in a clean bottle or jar and keep refrigerated. Will last up to 3 weeks