Artist Profile: Emily Chambers

Artist Profile: Emily Chambers


August 18, 2017

The Emily Chambers Band is a fun, energetic, and original Vancouver band. Incorporating funk, soul, R&B and pop, they have a fresh, unique sound that focuses on the engaging presence of lead vocalist, Emily Chambers.

Emily Chambers is a dynamic vocalist with a sultry tone and a powerhouse range. With a love for classic soul and R&B, she combines an old school Motown vibe with hints of hip hop and a little bit of Southern grit, to give you a fresh sound that hits you in the gut.

After attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, Emily took to the streets of Europe busking her way across the South of France and Italy; it was there that she began to hone the voice that commands attention. Emily is in love with what she does, and it radiates to every corner of the room when she performs in our Lobby Lounge!

Where are you from?

I’m born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

What style of music do you play?

I mostly play R&B and soul music.

What instruments do you play?

I play the piano and ukulele!

How did you discover your passion and talent for music?

When I was three years old I saw the movie Sister Act and started singing the soundtrack like it was my job.

How long you have been practicing your craft?

I started taking vocal lessons when I was eight years old; started writing songs when I was 15; I went to Berklee College of Music when I was 18; I am 27 in January.

Favourite song to play? Favourite song to listen to?

My favourite song to play is ‘Waterfalls’ by TLC. I’m currently listening to ‘Sinnerman’ by Nina Simone (the 10 minute version).

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I was hit by a car once and walked it off.

On your day off we would find you…

Day off? Come again?

Favourite cocktail spot in the city & why?

The Keefer – best Bourbon Sour I’ve ever had. They play good tunes too and I dig their shot glasses!

Number one must-do thing in Vancouver?

Check out one of my shows at the Fairmont Pacific Rim!

See what Emily is up to on social media

Twitter: @em_chambers

Instagram: @em_chambers

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