Artist Profile: Cory Curtis

Artist Profile: Cory Curtis


November 20, 2017

Cory Curtis is a performance professional having toured the world with original artists for a decade as well as being a founding member of the Vancouver cover band, SideOne. He has a wide range of contemporary as well as classic songs and a very unique voice; not your average acoustic guitar performer.

Where are you from?

I’m from Plumas, Manitoba.

What style of music do you play?

I’m jazz trained but play mostly rock and pop.

What instruments do you play?

I play the bass, sing, play the guitar, the piano and the recorder; in that order.

How did you discover your passion and talent for music?

I’ve loved music for as long as I remember and honestly don’t know how I ended up here, but couldn’t imagine doing anything different.

How long you have been practicing your craft?

I began pursuing a music degree in 1999 and finished in 2005; before that, I played in bands; before that, I played piano for my grandparents.

Favourite song to play? Favourite song to listen to?

My favourite song to play and listen to? That’s not a fair question!  Currently, I like playing ‘Stompa’ by Serena Ryder and I’m listening to St. Vincent.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I have had the unique experience of riding a cow.

On your day off we would find you…

Sampling the beers that The Brassneck Brewery has to offer. This is also where I would recommend anyone visiting Vancouver visit. It’s an awesome progressive brewery well worth checking out!


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Instagram: @CoryCurtis

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