Artist Profile: Austin Nash Park

Artist Profile: Austin Nash Park


August 24, 2017

Austin Nash Park is a musician, singer, and world traveler. At the young age of 22, Austin has travelled to 80 countries including Belgium, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Think that’s impressive? In the past three years alone, he has logged 1600 hours performing on stage! We were lucky to have a few moments with Austin to chat and learn a little more about him:

For those who have never heard you perform, how would you describe what style of music they can expect?

I play a variety of genres, from classical to jazz to soul to rock, but I guess my original music could be termed something like “romantic pop”.

What instruments do you play?

I play piano and sing!

How did you discover your passion and talent for music?

My mother is a musician so music has always been part of my life.

How long you have been practicing your craft?

I’ve been playing piano since I was nine years old, singing since I was 12, and writing since I was 14.

Favourite song to play? Favourite song to listen to?

It’s somewhat impossible for me to name a favourite song to play/listen to as it comes down to my mood. However, if I had to name a favourite album, it would be Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”.

On your day off we would find you…

At O5 Rare Tea Bar on West 4th!

Favourite cocktail spot in the city & why?

I tend to go back and forth between the Keefer and Bao Bei. Fantastic cocktails and awesome vibes, really unique on a world scale. Guy Stowell at Bao Bei is a genius mixologist.

Number one must-do thing in Vancouver?
Enjoy the water, trees and the fresh air!


See what Austin is up to on social media

Twitter:  @austinnashpark

Instagram:  @austinnashpark

Facebook: Austin Nash Park


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